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I am excited to work with you!

I work with individuals, collectives, families, and organizations.

Please check out some of the specific ways we can work together below.

"Collaboration with carla moves at the speed of trust — trust in your community, each other, and yourself."  — T. A.

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Working Together!

Consulting & Mentorship:
  • Got an idea but not sure how to make it happen? Let's work together so I can support you with your ideas/dream(s)!

    • I will support you (or your team/collective) to form your ideas and passion projects.

    • I will help turn your/the group's ideas into viable and realistic projects, events or works of art!

  • Pivoting careers but feeling unsure about next steps? Let's talk!

  • Deepening inclusion and justice:

    • I work with directors, leaders, collectives, and teams to decentralize power in concrete ways. Part of this guidance is to provide specific ways to actively undo colonial structures that are embedded in much of our non profits, organizations, and spaces. These tangled colonial systems harm our creative work and our relationships. Let's aim to undo them by creating dynamic webs of care, while also making beautiful works in their place!

    • I will support you to create Relationship-First projects that are mutually supportive spaces and work environments.

      • A relationship-first approach can also apply to ending things: I can support folks transition, compost, or end projects and spaces.

    • I work with folks to create justice informed & equity focused budgets. (central to this undoing!)

Writing Support:
  • I can support you to create works in any genre.

    • For writers: I will help you with an essay, article, short story, or book.

    • For media makers: I will help shape your podcast, audio or film documentaries/fiction, or any piece of multimedia art-form where story is at the root of it.

  • if you want to write stories or essays that share different views from the dominant ones, or that might inspire us to find our way towards more just worlds, but are unsure how to represent that in your writing, let's work together!

  • On occasion, I offer writing workshops on the themes of world making, affirmative theory, and justice. Reach out if you are interested in joining one!

  • I particularly work well with emerging and nervous writers and artists, youth, and folks with learning disabilities/differences and neuro-differences.

  • As an editor, I specialize in sensitivity reading. I take a holistic approach and work in all genres and styles. I also offer general proofreading.

    • Sensitivity consulting: I work with writers before , during, or after they write their piece to help pinpoint potential issues such as: oppressive language, stereotypes and bias, tokenism, historical or cultural erasure, and or cultural appropriation.  

    • I also provide Sensitivity Consulting for all Media Makers and Publishers.


Youth Autonomy Guidance:
  • I support folks in creating multi-aged alternatives to schools/learning spaces and art spaces.

  • I support mentors/teachers who work with kids and youth to undo their adult supremacy, and more.

  • I provide guidance for parents/guardians to deepen their trust for kids, to figure out the best learning/schooling pathways for their family, and much else.

  • I work well with youth and young adults to break through institutional barriers that they are up against, and in general to uncover what they would like to do.

If you are looking for something else, reach out! I am open to other ways to support you or your group!


fees and more information are below

The Experience

Who I work with:
I work with people across different disciplines and careers, including relational work!
To date, I have worked with many artists, producers, administrators, parents, youth, writers, journalist, students, and
Sessions are:

Private and uniquely designed for each person (or group).

I work Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays.

For now, we will meet virtually.

At the core:

Joyful! And you will be encouraged to embrace a profound trust in the process and yourself.

To begin:

We start with a conversation! And, then we will move towards making a plan together...

The work:

 Is very immersive, collaborative, intuitive, gentle, and kind. I follow each person’s goals and dreams &
learning needs and styles.


For consulting

  • financially secure: $100/hour

  • low income/financial precariousness: $60/hour

  • to book a grouping of sessions (which will be a reduced rate), please contact me!

For editing, proofreading, sensitivity reading, and curation

to discuss!

I also want to grow webs of reciprocity and solidarity! Be in touch if you require further discounts, etc. And, if you have

the means to donate , please consider doing so!

Your generous donation will ensure I can offer my services at lower prices, including at times for free— let’s grow

webs of solidarity together!

I look forward to working with you or your group to discover, unravel, and activate

your creative dreams  locating pathways towards a more thriving now!



Below are testimonies from some of my previous clients.

"carla is one of the most committed and consistent people I know. She will show up for you, be your greatest cheerleader and also make sure you get things done. Collaboration with carla moves at the speed of trust - trust in your community, each other, and yourself. When it comes to projects rooted in justice and liberation, following intuitive flow without losing substance or impact is where carla shines so bright!"

- T. A.

Image by Tina Xinia

Let's Work Together

If any of these ways of working together speak to you, let's connect! I look forward to hearing from you.

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