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I am carla bergman and I work with individuals, collectives, and organizations to discover, unravel, and activate their creative dreams!   

  • My work is rooted in listening, collaboration, and trust.

  • As an intuitive consultant, I will work with you to support your paths towards thriving more, and doing what you love. 

  • Read more below.

Image by Katie Azi

The Experience

At the core:

Joyful! And you will be encouraged to embrace a profound trust in the process and yourself.


Sessions are:

private and uniquely designed for each person (or group).  For now, we will meet virtually.


To begin:

we start with a conversation!  And, then we will move towards making a plan together...

The work:

is very immersive and follows each person’s dreams, learning needs and styles.

Payment and Fees:

My baseline fees support a living wage, are flexible, and case-by-case.

I consider the scope of the project and your budget when negotiating payment. 

I offer a range of packages (coming soon).


I also want to grow webs of reciprocity and solidarity while also respecting yours and my time.

(and survive/thrive through capitalism with you!) — let’s grow that together (see below how).

Image by Caleb Lucas

Who I work with

I work with people across different disciplines and careers. To date, I have worked with artists, writers, students, and educators.

Creative Ideation, Mentorship, and Guidance:

  • I work with individuals and groups to support them to form their ideas and passion projects, including coming up with names! At times, it's more of a hybrid into my curation work.

  • I can work with your team to create justice informed & equity focused budgets.

  • Supporting folks to find their own paths towards locating their desired work and next creative project. I especially love to work with folks who are pivoting their work/careers, and /or with younger folks. 

  • I can also help turn your/the group's ideas into viable and realistic projects, events or works of art.

  • For writers: I can support folks to shape their kernel of an idea into an essay, short story, or book. I particularly work well with emerging and nervous writers, youth, and folks with learning disabilities/differences and neuro-differences.

Here is a bit more about what to expect:

  • Affirming all the ways you’re already doing it.

  • I start by asking questions and listening to you. I trust your ideas and plans.

  • Fun and creative doula time!

  • I am a matchmaker! I will connect you to possible collaborators and/or further resources/mentors, etc.

  • I follow your needs! And through listening (and intuition), I will show you the many possibilities on the horizon.

Consulting Themes

  1. trusting your ideas and passions.
  2. moving beyond life-work balance to thriving.
  3. anti-capitalism and abundance.
"If you want a consultant to boss you around or give you a set of protocols, carla is not the person for you. But if you’re looking for someone who can listen deeply and help you see your projects, relationships, or life in a new way, there’s no one I’d recommend more. carla is deeply intuitive in a way that feels grounded and practical, and she has a gift for getting to the heart of things in a way that is deeply kind. Her counsel has helped me make big shifts in my life and make subtle adjustments that resulted in significant impacts."

- N. M

Image by Tina Xinia

Let's Work Together

If any of these ways of working together speak to you, let's connect! I look forward to hearing from you.

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